Our Solution

Property CRM

Serve Your Customer Better. The First CRM designed for property industry. The CRM enables your buisness with 360 degree view of you customer profile.

Property Developer Sales

Everything you need to manage your property marketing & sales and our solution comes with comprehensive features to run your property business.

Property Management

All you need in managing property with so easy-to-use system. Ownership management has never been so easy with this web technology

Financial Management

Run your business with real-time information for timely decision making. The financial accounting is intergated with CRM, Property Sales and Management system.

Our Services

System & Data Migration

System and data migration is crucial process to ensure smooth implementation. We help our customer to move from their legacy system and ensure every piece of information from old system is perserved.

Business Consultation

Every company has its own unique processes, some general business pratices may applicable to business but not all. Our consultant play very an important role to help customer to define the best practices and provide best advice in helping our customer achieve thier business goals.

End User Training

End-User training is one of the keys to successful system implementation. Class room based or one-to-one training is provided to ensure user is competent in using the system in their day-to-day operation.

Managed Services

Once the system goes live, the continuity supports are required to ensure system is available at all time. We provide user support , system monitoring and periodic maintenance of systems to prevent any interrupt to the operation due to system failure.


Fully Web-Based

The great thing is you can now access your system in any browser. You can track your sales, print a report or download data into Excel for analysis. No hassle to install any application at all.

Intuitive Management Dashboard

Instantenous analyse your business performance using real time information whether you need it for decision making or business planning.

Run on Any Device

You are not limited to access the application using PC, now use your favourite device like tablets, smartphone running on IOS or ANDROID.


Publish Your Property in Apps Store

Let your property goes viral! Reach out your buyer faster and broader. Publish your property in most popular apps store - Apple Store Or Google Play Store today.

Cloud Ready

It is now getting common to hosted your business application in cloud. You can choose to switch your business to cloud or hosted in your office.

Analysis Report

Tracking your sales, billing and collection information on time. Our system loaded with analysis report for your decision making. It is really fast and real time


GST Certified


GST Features

GST Supply/Purchase Tax Codes

GST-03 Return Filing

GST Audit File - GAF

Bad Debts Recover/Relief

Partial Exemption - IRR

Annual Adjustment

Tax Analysis Report


Our core team members has more than 15 years experience in software application design and development especially in developing web application. Apart from that we have hand-on experience in providing IT solution on desktop, server, networking and infrastructure implementation using Microsoft and Linux platform.
With our strong past experience in application research and development, this give us an opportunity to venture into property industry. Our first web-based property solution was developed in 2012 with complete customised solution for leading property brand in Malaysia. We have bring the property industry into next level whereby the users can access the application anytime, anywhere with real-time information on-the-go.
Today, we have most comprehensive out-of-box property solution platform running on latest web technology. It is complete, fully integrated end-to-end property application covering Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Property Developer Sales, Property Management and Financial Management.
We continue to brings most innovative solution for the property industry and empower the enterprise with most advance tools in their business.





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